Travel Tips During Corona Period

In this corona period, it is always advised not to go outside or travel unnecessary. This could help you in preventing the spread of the coronavirus to a great extent. This is the least we can do to control the spread as there is no medicine or vaccine for this deadly virus yet. What if you have to travel urgently because of some serious problems? What precautions you should take during road travel? There is a lot of question that comes to the people’s mind when they think of traveling via road during the spread of coronavirus.

If you are also having all these confusions then just follow these travel tips:

Avoid touching the common touchpoints

When traveling via any public transport or cabs, you need to be careful about the touchpoints. Right from the taxi’s door know and escalators to windows to lift, there are many touchpoints that you should avoid touching. These touchpoints can consist of germs and coronaviruses so do not touch them unnecessarily.

Sanitization of hands

Some surfaces such as the chair, car’s seat, and many other surfaces can also have germs and viruses on it. If you are entering into a vehicle then make sure to apply a good amount of sanitizers on your hands. After exiting the vehicle, again apply sanitizer on your hands as you might have touched something during the travel.

During the travel, it is always advised to keep sanitizing your hands to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Make sure that your sanitizer is having more than 70 percent alcohol in it to make it more effective in killing the virus and germs.

Wearing of mask

One of the important things that you must not forget at any cost is covering your nose and mouth. Before stepping out to public places and traveling, you must make use of a mask to completely cover your face. This will help in entering the virus to your nose and mouth.

Disinfect and clean your luggage

During travel, your luggage can be a surface for the accumulation of viruses and germs. You need to pay special attention to this. Sanitize your hands after touching the luggage. Once you reach your destination, you must disinfect and clean the luggage for a good cleaner. This will help in removing off the risk of coronavirus.

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