General Tips For Healthy Cabs By Vaasara Travels

We spend a lot of time in our cars, so of course, there are some germs to consider. Vaasara travel will show you a better way to keep your trip safe. With the current coronavirus outbreak, basic cleaning and hygiene have been re-emphasized. Frequent hand washing and disinfection have been shown to prevent the spread of this infectious disease and indeed all viruses and bacteria. VAASARA TRAVELS knows that many people care about another important point of contact in their lives is their cars.

How to Maintain Hygiene In Your Car?

Hygiene is very important these days. For many of us who spend a lot of time traveling every day, the car is like a second home. If you feel uncomfortable too often, it’s time to pay attention to how hygienic your car is. Food and dust on the seats can contaminate the air conditioner. What you can do to maintain your car hygienic:

  • It is better not to eat in the car. Deep cleaning is definitely a job. If so, don’t leave it overnight. Of course when you arrive.
  • Bring what you brought to the car every morning. Don’t forget to take it home at night. Don’t leave them in the car or overload them.
  • A mini disposal bag is useful in the car. Leave all the trash at home and throw it out every day.
  • Regularly clean the air conditioning vent with a long, soft brush. Otherwise, you will breathe dusty air every time you turn on the air conditioner.
  • Sweep the car seat cushions, dashboard, cup holders, and floor at least once a week to remove excess food and dust.
  • Use natural air fresheners to absorb odors and keep the car scent fresh
  • Clean the car regularly. It is a good idea to wash with water once a week. Don’t wait until the journey becomes unbearable.


While you may think that some of these hot spots are obvious, we generally don’t do a thorough cleaning in these areas. To test that your car cleans properly, take a white wet wipe and rub it on some of these surfaces to see what you get. If your wipe is brown after cleaning an area, it indicates that the area is dirty and may contain a higher percentage of germs. Given the high risk, you should ask your dealer to disinfect the vehicle in front of you.


It’s not so bad to be sick, at least you can work in bed, right? Is not true. Aside from the obvious, there are many hidden health costs for you and your family. Remember, keeping your car clean can help you stay healthy and not get sick, BUT it can also help keep your passengers safe. This prevents germs from infecting your passengers. During this time, you will face the additional financial burden of doctor visits, prescription drugs, and vitamins.

VAASARA TRAVELS provides service and maintenance in vehicle hygiene, safety, driving instructions, and more, as well as other helpful updates to keep you up to date.

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